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Anybody that knows China and the startup scene there will know that Rich Robinson is an adviser, entrepreneur, professor and investor based in China. He has many achievements - the list goes on. Rich is a guest lecturer at Tsinghua University and professor at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, teaching entrepreneurship as well as being a seasoned entrepreneur himself with a number of startup exits in China

In this episode, host Graham Brown and Rich discuss about the speed of China today and how brutal entrepreneurship in China which can be. How do you survive in that environment as a startup, as a business? What kind of mindset do you need?

Rich has been in China for just over 20 years, so he's the man who can give us the insight into what drives entrepreneurship and also what drives the kind of person that puts themselves in that environment? If that excites you, stick around. This is going to be a high energy conversation with Rich Robinson.

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Rich Robinson

Graham Brown

Released Date:27 Mar 2020