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What are the essential skills and characteristics of a good leader?

Real leaders seek out challenges because they are difficult. The challenge itself is the reward

Now, that challenge may take your life path on interesting tangets. Our next guest has lived in Mauritius, Madagascar, Myanmar and now the beautiful island of Majorca in Spain. Sounds like a charmed life, but the reality is that it's one where you are constantly positioning yourself as an outsider to new social situations. And it's in this situation you can thrive

Hal Bosher, former CEO of Yoma Bank in Myanmar, discusses with host Graham Brown about his experiences with his former employees, the power of empathy as a leader and how you can use being an outsider to your advantage

Helen Keller once wrote, "Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing." Hal's living it for sure.

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Graham Brown

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Released Date:27 Feb 2020