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In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with Rick Watson, CEO, and Founder of RMW Commerce Consulting, a strategic commerce consulting company based in NY. We kick things off talking about the difference between Alibaba and TMall, a difference Rick refers to as eyes open vs eyes closed, a reference you’ll soon understand. We talk at length about the differences between Amazon and the Chinese platforms, getting into how Amazon could learn a thing or two from Alibaba or JD in improving its product selection and whether or not Alibaba or JD would ever start their own white-label brands of products similar to Amazon Basics. We talk about how different sectors work well or not in the different markets like apparel, luxury or cosmetics, and we discuss some of the other up-and-coming platforms that are making their marks in the Western world of eCommerce. We also dive into the future of eCommerce, discussing the potential or lack thereof for the Asian platforms to band together or stay independent, and whether social commerce will ever take hold in America as it has in APAC. Enjoy!

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Guests and Hosts Prediction

Rick Watson

Released Date:08 Apr 2020