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Today we talk with Donna Li, a digital marketing veteran, who was part of the team that launched Alimama, the digital advertisement division of Alibaba, which is also the largest player by revenue in the digital advertising space in China. 

Show Notes:

02:06 Introducing Donna Li

03:25 How did you get started in digital marketing in China

06:06 Digital marketing in China at around 2010

10:15 Transition from Yahoo to Alibaba

13:12 Advertising: Taobao’s monetization model

18:26 Alimama: Cash Cow for Alibaba

22:15 Is Amazon following a similar playbook?

25:50 New inventor: Bytedance

29:55 Advertisement as a business model for early-stage startups

34:10 Build digital measurement currency at Nielsen

35:42 Challenges for startups

Many thanks to our guest Donna Li; host Oscar Ramos; producers Eva Shi and Sagar Chaudhary; editor David; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website www.chinaccelerator.com

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Released Date:07 Jul 2020