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Our guest today is Mikaal Abdulla, Co-founder and CEO of 8 Securities, a zero-commission mobile-only securities platform that was recently acquired by SoFi. From bootstrapping the business to raising an impressive 1st round of $8 million followed by successive rounds to finally being acquired by SoFi in April, Mikaal and 8 Securities have turned a full-circle.

Show Notes:

1:41 Introduction to Mikaal Abdulla

2:31 Motivation to Start 8 Securities

4:12 Raising the first round of $8 million

7:50 How to measure traction

8:52 The importance of understanding customer needs

17:33 Finding the balance between consumers' needs and CEO's expectations

20:38 Going mobile: a pivotal moment

28:10 Surprising discovery entering into new market

32:32 Connection between funding and breakthroughs

34:40 Learning from constraints

38:11 SoFi acquisition

39:50 Advice to founders

Many thanks to our guest Mikaal Abdulla; host Oscar Ramos; producers Eva Shi and Sagar Chaudhary; editor David; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website www.chinaccelerator.com

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Released Date:26 Jun 2020