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Most Events Managers have had to fight fires but not many have been Firefighters!

Helen Starr is Head of Events at the British Chamber of Commerce and has overseen the Chamber’s recent rapid transformation from offering face to face events to a multifaceted digital offering

In order to help her do this Helen has drawn on the skills she has developed in her previous diverse roles, one of which included being a firefighter for the London Fire Brigade

We began our conversation with Helen talking about the fluidity she needed to learn new applications as she and her the team quickly adapted to offer a series of podcasts and online webinars; none of which formed part of the chamber’s previous offering

The major upside was the strengthening of the team’s relationship and an increase in their knowledge and understanding of each other’s roles

Helen also felt that over recent months the Chamber’s members were drawing closer together to support each other in an open and human way. The crisis making them more comfortable to reveal themselves

Another upside was that the new digital platforms greatly made it easier to add the sheer volume of content available as many members offered to help and provide valuable information for others to benefit from. Being digital has also given the Chamber the opportunity to strengthen links and actively collaborate with other Chambers in the Region

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Helen Starr

Released Date:11 Aug 2020