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Faris Yakob, award winning strategist, creative director, author of Paid Attention and co-founder of Genius Steals joins us for this week’s podcast. We discuss about the fast-changing media & advertising landscape, the value of attention, it’s underlying attention economy and its impact on building brands online.

Three questions:
  • A business book you recommend? The Attention Economy and The Range by David Epstein
  • One person to follow on social or digital media that you think will add value to the audience? Rachel Mercer Head of Planning at R/GA
  • if you could have a one-to-one dinner with any living human being on the planet who would you choose? Donald Trump or Banksy

Guests and Hosts Prediction

Rachel Mercer

Faris Yakob

Donald Trump

David Epsteinone

Released Date:09 Aug 2020