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In this class, I talk about why TikTok / Douyin took off so rapidly and powerfully.

Choose two options for why TikTok / Douyin has grown so fast?

  1. Addictive Product. Short personalized videos focused on memes, comedy, and lip syncs are a psychological hack.
  2. Easy to Use and Highly Shareable Content Types. Tap into CDCN.
  3. Audience-Builder Digital Platform
  4. Network Effect, including data network effect (also called learning effect)
  5. First mover in new space
  6. AI and Digitized Operating Model.

Learning Goal for this class:

  • #12 the Basics of TikTok and Audience-Builder Platforms

Concepts for this class:

  • Digital Platforms: Audience Builder
  • B2B Customer View: Shareability, Word of Mouth and Virality
  • China Digital Consumer Network
  • Network Effects
  • First Mover
  • AI and Digital Operations

Companies for this class:

  • Bytedance / TikTok / Douyin


I write and speak about digital China and Asia’s latest tech trends.

Please join my (https://jefftowson.com)

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Released Date:08 Mar 2020