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Joining me on the show today is Emma Rose Cohen, the founder of Final - the company who advocates for sucking responsibly.  

In 2018 Emma set out to create the world’s first collapsable straw and make an impact on our oceans and the planet. She launched her idea on Kickstarter with the goal to raise around $12,000 and instead it went absolutely bonkers, raising 2 million dollars in total with around 100,000 straw orders. You might think it was a good enough reason to celebrate, but there were plenty of hurdles that came with it’s success. 

Today we’re chatting about what makes a good kickstarter and what happened after the campaign went viral. Why it’s important to protect your intellectual property against the manufacturers who are out there specifically to steal your ideas and flood the market with cheap knock offs, and how to set your own campaign up for success.

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Released Date:19 Aug 2020