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This is our first remote taping for our podcast. We are living in extraordinary times and this is officially Day 2 of what Singapore calls the circuit breaker month. It's not called a lockdown, but a circuit breaker to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19

In this episode, we will talk about the steps businesses can take to navigate through these uncertain times and why this is still a good time for investors and entrepreneurs in this region

To discuss more, we are joined by Nick Nash and Oliver Rippel, the Founding Partners of Asia Partners. Asia Partners is a growth equity firm focussing on investments in technology and tech-enabled companies in South East Asia

[06:52] Nick takes a wider and longer view, exploring SEA's golden moment and sharing his founding thesis

[09:10] Oliver explains the gap in series C

[12:02] Nick shares what they look for on a highest level, and how they learn from other tech companies

[15:41] Nick shares how can we plan for a crisis like this

[16:28] Nick dives into how a crisis can cause an acceleration of the inevitable

[19:00] Oliver breaks down how companies can get through recessions and crisis through creating shareholder value and adopting a customer-oriented approach

[22:03] Some practical steps to take in order to provide great value to customers in the long run

[25:24] Nick extends the support for entrepreneurs, as they approach challenging levels

[28:40] Asia Partners is open for business

[38:12] What is the rhinoceros model of companies? We look at how Singapore is a role model for many other nations

Listen to the podcast to discover the stories of exceptional people who are playing a key role in building and shaping the next wave of tech.

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Nick Nash

Oliver Rippel

Released Date:23 Apr 2020