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After working at BCG for 2 years, Ishaan joined Sequoia India's Analyst Program in 2011. He spent around three and a half years at Sequoia India. He then went to business school and joined Sequoia India back in 2016

In this podcast, Ishaan shares his experiences & learnings of investing in Consumer brands and Fintech Startups

Notes -
00:42 - Joining Sequoia India's Analyst Program
01:57 - Investing experiences over 9 years at Sequoia
03:34 - Culture at Sequoia - “Singular focus on doing the right thing for all the stakeholders”.
04:45 - “We help the daring entrepreneurs build from Idea to IPO & beyond”.
06:23 - “While investing you never have the right or wrong answer”.
09:29 - Macro-trends driving Consumer Brands in India
11:05 - Financial Services in India are still unpenetrated
12:21 - Mamaearth - Being a digital-first personal care brand for their consumers
12:57 - Eruditus - Making Ivy league colleges more accessible
15:18 - Fintech Startups in India leveraging large digital footprint of their customers to serve them better
18:30 - Razorpay - Solving merchant payment issues with innovative solutions
20:34 - Scope & Future of Neobanks in India across various customer segments
28:37 - Challenges while investing from a large pool of amazing founders

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Released Date:05 Apr 2020